Are you bored with watering plants the old manner? If so, then maybe it’s time you see what technology has led to horticulture. The apparatus was named as Parrot Pot and brings rather a technological progress of watering potted plants to the notion.

Here, assess the Parrot Pot. It’s a robotic plant pot that’s effective at holding two liters of water along with two liters of ground. The Pot quantifies several variants every 15 minutes; ambient temperature, soil moisture, light and fertilizer. This robot carries on to supply the plant with water with selections based upon the data that it rolls up.Parrot Pot  Autonomous Plant Watering Robot

It can connect to the Parrots cloud stage smartphone and relay information to users for in-depth evaluation. This permits the user to track the plants via Parrots Flower Power programs.Parrot Pot  Autonomous Plant Watering Robot 2

It includes a database of more than 7,000 distinctive plants the that are and likelihood of your plant being in the database is quite high This will enable the plants to thrive thanks to the initiation brought to the table by technology.

The pot is effective at holding water and thereby empowering to keep the plant alive for about 3 weeks. When the water starts to fall form using just minimal quantity of water to keep the plant living the gadget switches to conservation mode.Parrot Pot  Autonomous Plant Watering Robot 4

The Parrot Pot hasn’t been released yet and no release date has been mentioned. Lets see how this device operates when it’s released in marketplace.