Kim Kardashian Has a Girl!

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Pregnant Kim Kardashian Lunches With Her MomWell the day is here, according to People.com. The most anticipated baby this side of the pond has arrived and twitter is surprisingly still up and running. The little girl came a little earlier than expected, having a due date of early July. A name has not been released, nor has a statement from Kim’s publicist. Now we wait for a little sneak peek of the tiny starlet.

Here’s what to expect in the future:

1. She will be the newest baby to take over a reality show.

2. This baby is now richer than you will ever be.

3. Her dad is Kanye West.

4. Read number 3.

5. Kim Kardashian had a girl meaning that 2031 is going to be a big year.

6. In just a month we will be comparing this baby’s birth to the arrival of Will and Kate’s all while trying to host an hour programing about who’s birth was better.

7. There is a good chance that this kid will be rocking a better wardrobe than you before she can even walk.

8. We are now in post-baby time for Kim Kardashian – and you thought she was harshly criticized while she was pregnant.

Most importantly, this child is now turning into a commodity for many industries and she’s only hours old. Many things are going to happen now that the biggest celebrity in the world has reproduced and with someone who has a reputation in the music world. This little girl will be compared to every other famous baby all while setting trends before she can even speak. She might be a little more popular than her mother, but now the rumors of marriage, break-ups and cheating will begin for the new mom and dad. Paparazzi will follow her everywhere and a new line will be drawn of how soon is too soon to start critiquing children about their appearance. Hopefully they will wait until she can pull on those leather leggings herself.

Other babies that will soon take over the world are Kate and Will’s. Both children will be the same age, only a few months apart. Both headlining their respective country’s magazines and both challenging the media’s morality. One might say that Will and Kate will have a more respected security service, but what class can get you in Europe is what money can get you in America. Here’s to watching the childhood of the world’s most popular baby starlets though cheap magazines on the shelves of a grocery store.

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