13 Parents Who Have Absolutely Lost Their Patience

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If you thought that you had harsh punishments growing up, I bet your parents had NOTHING on these ruthless authoritarians.

1) This girl broke her curfew, so her dad made her wear this shirt (for a whole week) as punishment.

2) This dad thought it’d be adequate punishment to intentionally give his son a bad haircut and post it to Youtube because of his low grades and lost iPad.

3) This 4th grader’s dad made him hold up a sign that read: “I am a bully. Honk if you hate bullies.”

4) This kid had to walk around a water park wearing Shrek ears and this sign. He was only 10 years old at the time!

5) A mom made her 8 year old hold this sign throughout their neighborhood.

6) This mom thought that embarrassment was the best form of discipline for her son, who had to hold a sign that read: “My GPA is 1.222. Honk if I need an education.”

7) This mother hacked her daughter’s Facebook profile to tell everyone that she was no longer allowed to have a personal page.

8) This kid got in trouble for cursing at his teacher. So, his mom made him hold this sign: “I disrespected my teacher …; I would like to apologize, not only to that teacher, but to all adults.”

9) This angry mom posted this rant to YouTube after learning that her daughter had been suspended for fighting at school.

10) This mom made her daughter hold up a sign at a busy intersection that said: “I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at my school dance.”

11) This girl had to hold up this sign and was told that if it doesn’t do the trick, she’d have to have her head SHAVED!

12) This ruthless mom made her son walk up and down the streets of their town wearing a sign that read: “Smoked pot, got caught! Don’t I look cool? Not!”

13) This relentless dad posted this flyer on Facebook and all around town to send his son a message.

14) And lastly, this dad who was the most hardcore of all parents. He literally chained his son to his bed to keep him from stealing again.

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