12 of the Best “Surprise Bitch” Memes

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Surprise, bitch Surprise, bitch

Here is another one of those annoying memes, but it’s kind of interesting to see how many times people can use the “surprise bitch”, line (Emma Roberts) from the TV show, American Horror Story, in different scenarios. Some of them are actually funny, while others just make you want to fly off of planet earth and live on the moon by yourself. We’ve weeded out the good ones for you.

This meme started circulating on the internet sometime in November and ascended to full time meme status by the beginning of December. Give bloggers on Tumblr something like this and who knows what could happen? Nothing good, apparently.

Why is it so popular? Probably because it’s so easy to apply to most things in pop culture (or just situations in life), as you’re about to see. Don’t worry, as with most memes, eventually it will die down. However, we have a hunch that it will be back sometime in the future to haunt us.

See? Applied perfectly to this scene from Thor 2: The Dark World.

Because good dead characters will always come back. This is the mark of a good (bad?) meme.

And of course, Dr. Who.

The Ikea Monkey wants in on this, too.

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And of course, the t-shirt.

And when you’ve had enough,

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