10 Celebrities with Strange Physical Flaws

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Sure, they may seem perfect on the silver screen, but all ten of these stars have a physical imperfection resulting from birth defect, injury or simply plain old heredity. Read on to learn who can swim, and which celeb was born with a conjoined twin, whose thumb resembles a dick in addition to a scuba diver thanks to his webbed toes.

Megan Fox’s Stubby Thumbs


Megan Fox was born with a condition called “brachydactyly” thumbnails, which means that her thumbs are misshapen or somewhat clubbed. Though they may be perfectly practical both digits are short and have an extremely broad nail. This illness is generally though it may also be due to an injury in youth.

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Lily Allen’s Third Nipple


Lily Allen is no shrinking violet, so it comes as no real surprise that she’s incredibly open and upfront about her nipple that is extraneous. Lily has been understood to show off the tiny freckle-like mark under her left chest, with zero humiliation. Nor should she be embarrassed; about 2-3% of the human population have an extra nipple, including Tilda Swinton, fellow stars Mark Wahlberg and Carrie Underwood.

Rivers Cuomo’s Irregular Legs


Weezer front man Rivers Cuomo was born with one leg nearly two inches shorter than the other. He’d the problem corrected as an adult in a grueling process that included the surgical breakage of his leg, followed by months of physically extending the leg many times daily and wearing a brace. This encounter inspired Cuomo to compose tune he and ” featured a xray picture of his leg that was broken on the single’s record, Pinkerton.

Andy Garcia’s Conjoined Twin


Andy Garcia was born with a conjoined twin. Doctors removed the unformed fetus when Garcia was still too young to recall the ordeal and a toddler.

Vince Vaughn’s “Penis Thumb”


When celebrity Vince Vaughn was seventeen he lost the point of his right thumb in an automobile accident. He has been known to joke that his thumb resembles a member with a fingernail and is notoriously unperturbed by this little physical deformity.

Billy Corgan’s Blotchy Hands


Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan was born with a big port-wine stain birthmark, or Klippel-Trenauney syndrome (KTS), covering most the palm and fingers of his left hand. Corgan does endure some physical disability as a result of this congenital circulatory illness, though it will not effect his ability to shred on guitar.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Facial Scar


Phoenix was really produced this manner, although many folks suppose that Joaquin Phoenix’s scar resulted from the surgical correction of a cleft palate. His notable scar was formed in utero as a shape cleft was called by a moderate sort of cleft palate.

Gerard Butler’s Deformed Ear


He was shocked to find that one of his ears sticks out clearly more than the other, due to an ear operation he’d had as a kid when hunky Scottish actor Gerard Butler had to shave his head for a film character. Butler, who’s deaf in his right ear as a consequence of the tinnitus that’s plagued him since his youth says the costume designers on film sets now need to regularly paste one of his ears back.

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Jennifer Garner’s Overlapping Pinky Toe


Jennifer Garner is a wonderful girl, so most folks do’t find themselves staring at her feet quite frequently. But if they did they’d see that Granary has a state in which one of the five long bones of the foot is shorter than the others, brachymetatarsia, leading to a shortened toe.

Dan Aykroyd’s Webbed Toes

Two of the toes on each foot are webbed nearly to the top knuckle as performer Dan Aykroyd demo in the video above. An estimated 1 in every 3000 individuals has a kind of webbed feet. Celebrity Ashton Kutcher has shown off his webbed toes on occasion.

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